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Located at 112 Ormond St. SE, Atlanta, GA 30315 in the Neighborhoods Development, you’ll love training at our brand new space and being apart of our growing community. We’d love to see you! Pop in and see us for a quick tour.


Noble Clay is a 501(c)(3) fitness non-profit that provides personalized functional fitness to all members of the community at all stages of their journey and all income levels.

Chronic disease has been linked to 7/10 of deaths in the US, and includes both affluent and lower income communities alike. However, low income communities are more vulnerable to chronic disease and illness due to lack of adequate resources like health care, nutritious food, social support, and financial resources. Moreover, communities of color are disproportionately experiencing this cycle, which all but magnifies current systemic racial disparities.

Our brand new space sits right in the intersection of the four metro Atlanta neighborhoods (Summerhill, Peoplestown, Mechanicsville, and Pittsburgh where 380 families under the poverty line (over half the families in the community) and over 60% of the population is Black/African American. These gaps hinder not only health outcomes, but also economic, social, and generational potential for families, communities, and our entire nation’s future. Such injustice seeks to strip individuals of their God given potential, vitality, and dignity. BUT, there is hope.

Physical exercise has been shown to not only prevent chronic illness, but has residual effects on children and families. Parents who exercise have healthier babies and more physically active children, which in turn prevents mental and physical illness, it improves academic and other developmental markers–setting children and families up for long-term success.

Therefore, we ask: What if EVERYONE had a personal coach to help them obtain health and vitality, showing them love and mercy along the way? What would happen to families? To the workforce? To our society? To address these questions, we created Noble Clay. Our work sits at the intersection of worth and humility—all people were created with immeasurable dignity, but can still be molded as an instrument for justice and good!

We Are Redefining Fitness

Noble Clay is a non-profit gym, transforming lives and communities through whole-body wellness. Our unique model blends individualized, top-notch training, community focus, and sliding scale pricing, to ensure all people have access to the best training. We’re creating a fitness experience that is personal, equitable, and impactful (in more ways than one).

Your Noble Clay journey starts with a consultation. We get to know you, your life, and your fitness goals. Then we pair you with a coach that will best match your needs and style.

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