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Your Burning FAQ’s Answered

Contributing Memberships – Aligning your well-being with your well doing!

We believe doing good to others is one of the healthiest endeavors we can pursue. Being joyfully committed to the well-being of another, no matter the cost to oneself, IS the essence of love. Because of this, Noble Clay has a contributing membership option where our members can choose to pay for another members membership who qualifies to be in our scholarship program. You simply choose a membership option and then pay $100 extra a month (which is tax deductible under our 501c3) and a person who wouldn’t otherwise have access to professional coaching, now has it! And you receive the joy of knowing you are impacting a member of your communities life! This is true fitness.

Local Memberships

We know that getting started with healthier choices can be really tough, and many people usually fail on their promises to get fit, and some even have countless attempts to keep healthy. And still others don’t have the means to get help even if they wanted to. That’s why we set up our gym as a 501c3 non profit in Georgia to serve members who don’t have access to professional coaching. We want to make your journey to starting at the gym as available as possible. For members who qualify for local memberships pay 3% of their net income. Please email [email protected] for more information!

Incredible Community And Coaches

Unlike most gyms, we actually care when you can’t come in to the gym. You’re more than a number or another ‘customer’ to us. We are all together on this journey to become healthier and fitter, and we simply love doing life together. Come in for your first session and not only will you see our incredible community, but also feel what it’s like to be professionally coached. We are family! At Noble Clay gym, it’s always people first and fitness follows.